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T-Shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilts are especially warm and cozy keepsakes and make wonderfully unique gifts to give to friends and family (and even to yourself!). Just about any washable fabric that lays flat can be incorporated.

A t-shirt quilt in 3 easy steps!


Choose t-shirts (or other garments) that have the cherished memories you want captured in an heirloom quilt. As long as the material is machine-washable, we're golden!


Give your selected pieces a final wash (no fabric softener, please!) and send them to me. Be sure to include your packing slip! There's no need to tear out seams or cut fabric; I'll take care of all that on my end.


Once I receive them, I'll create a one-of-a-kind design and stitch a quilt for you that will provide warmth and comfort to you or your loved one for years to come! Turnaround time is 5-6 weeks.

Click here for more information about creating a t-shirt quilt!

3 beautiful designs to choose from!

I offer standard 2 designs: Traditional Sash and Traditional Framed Sash. Both turn out beautifully, and are true classics and timeless. I also offer custom designs, where the design is only limited by our imagination!

Traditional Sash

This is an affordable and attractive layout, where each t-shirt panel is arranged in a grid layout.


The panels are separated by a 2-inch sashing (green in the example to the right) to give a uniform look to the overall design, especially when there are different colored shirts in use.


Finally, the quilt is finished off with a 4-inch border (blue in the example to the right) and binding in complimentary colors to pull everything together.

Custom Design

Did you see a t-shirt quilt you absolutely loved or have an original design in mind that you want me to create? I can do that, too!

We'll sit down and chat about what you want and sketch out possible designs and colors until we have something you love.

Because of the complexity involved with creating custom t-shirt quilts, these quilts are priced differently than the other 2 designs. Don't worry, though! I will give you a quote before I start the project so you know exactly what to expect.

Traditional Framed Sash

This design also uses panels arranged in a grid but a 1-inch frame (purple in the example to the left) is added around each panel to give it depth and really make it stand out.

Just like the Traditional Sash, this design also includes a 2-inch sashing (green in the example to the left), a 4-inch border (blue in the example to the left), and binding.

Custom t-shirt quilt

Quilting pattern by Angela Walters

Pricing for T-Shirt Quilts

Pricing is based on the size of the quilt and the number of 15-inch finished panels (made from your t-shirts) that make up the final size of your selected quilt. Please contact me for custom t-shirt pricing.

Each panel will be fused with a lightweight stabilizer to add extra strength and durability to the finished quilt. 

Quilt Size

(approx. inches*)

# of Shirts

Base Price (without Sashing or Borders)

Traditional Sash**

Traditional Framed



(61 x 61)






(61 x 78)






(78 x 78)






(78 x 95)





* Approximate inches based on Traditional Sash style. Other quilt style sizes may vary.

** Traditional Sash includes: 2-inch Sashing and 4-inch Border

*** Traditional Framed Sash includes: 1.5-inch Framing, 2-inch Sashing, and 4-inch Border

Ready to create a beautiful t-shirt quilt together? Let's get to work!

Ready to start your project? Click here.

Have questions? Click here.

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