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Hello, I'm Kit

Quilting since 2011   •   Longarming since 2017

Why I love quilting: "The colors and complexity of the fabrics really inspire my creativity and passion for textile arts. I love exploring how color and design can be used to create something unique."

Secret passion: "T-shirt and memory quilts! They are such a wonderful way to capture the nostalgia and emotions we gather over a lifetime of family, friends, and fun."

What brings me joy: "Seeing the tears of happiness and appreciation when giving someone a beautiful hand-made quilt, knowing it will become a treasured keepsake."


Favorite quote that describes me: "I love fast machines: sports cars and longarms!"

My longarm humor: "I have two longarm machines, one I've named Kitty and the other Ani."

A little-known fact about me: "I have two wonderful wild hummingbird friends to keep me company when working from home."

Kit Thompson

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