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Quick and Simple Tips for Shipping

Live out of state? Don’t worry! I accept mail-in and local projects.


1) Clean and organize all the items you need to ship based on what your project is. For example, a quilt top, backing fabric, binding fabric, etc. for a longarm project; or t-shirts, dress shirts, etc. for a t-shirt or memory quilt.


2) Be sure to include any notes regarding special instructions for an item.  If there are multiple graphic designs on the item (for example, one on the front and one on the back of a t-shirt), please use painters tape to “X” out any designs you don’t want to be included.


3) Place your items in a plastic storage bag.  This will ensure your items arrive safely and undamaged! If you're shipping multiple projects, please use a separate bag for each project.

4) Use a sturdy, hard-sided shipping box, in the smallest size that can accommodate your items. This will keep your shipping costs low.


5) Don’t forget to include a copy of your packing slip!



6) I recommend using Priority Mail through the United States Postal Service, which includes up to $100.00 of insurance and a tracking number.* However, feel free to use your favorite postal carrier (or cheapest!) and mail your box to me at:


Kitty Ani Kreativ

16664 Cowell Street

San Leandro, CA 94758

7) Be sure to let me know you've shipped your package so I know to expect it!


I’ll email you once I receive your box (be sure to check your spam folder!) so you can be confident everything arrived as it should.

* I am not responsible for items lost through the mail, which is why I recommend Priority Mail for the tracking number.

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