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Welcome to the Pantograph Library

In longarm quilting, pantographs are continuous line designs that are quilted across the entire quilt top (edge-to-edge), securing the three layers of a quilt (quilt pieced top, batting, and backing fabric) together. The design you choose will be exactly what is stitched on your quilt.


Below is a curated collection of digital edge-to-edge pantograph designs that are attractive, sturdy, and come in a variety of styles and budgets to meet your needs.


Don't see what you want? Ask me! I have many more designs to choose from and I'm adding more every month. Or, if you find a design online that I don't currently have, I'm happy to split the cost of the design with you 50/50. Some great places to look are Urban Elementz, Longarm LeagueIntelligent Quilting, Inc., The Panto Shopand Etsy.

If you're unsure what pattern to use for your quilt, I can help you find the perfect one to complement and enhance your finished quilt.

Prices are per square inch and vary based on the density and intricacy of the pantograph design. Click here to see how pricing works. 

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Safe Bets

Digital designs to complement any quilt

Already have a pantograph design in mind? Let's get to work!

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